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What to do when you're feeling uninspired.

I’ve recently started my first “big girl” job - working full time, leaving at 7am and getting home after 7pm. It's a new step for me and I feel so excited and eager to keep learning about the company and industry -BUT that means I've had less time for my own creativity.

Because of the long work days and focus on learning how to do my job the best I can, I stopped feeling as inspired or creative. I believe that we all have a certain amount of energy that we use throughout the day. When you come home from a long day of work, most of that energy is gone.

I love blogging as one of my creative outlets, but I've unfortunately been feeling uninspired recently.

Instead of making myself feel guilty for slacking or not having any "good ideas," I tried different steps that have been helping me. Hopefully these can help you whenever you're feeling stuck or uninspired:

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

It’s OK to feel uninspired and stuck. You're human. Life gets in the way and our priorities change - that's completely normal. It's happened to all the best artists, writers, musicians, you name it. Let yourself feel this way and be patient with yourself.

2. Just start.

I know that sounds easier than done, but whatever your creative outlet is, just start. If you feel like you have nothing to write, just start writing anything and more ideas will come to you. If you’re not motivated to workout, just put your gym clothes on and see how you feel. It's easier to procrastinate when you can't think of the next step. Feel free to read my relevant post, "7 ways to stop overthinking," if that sounds like you.

3. Change up the environment.

I'm sure everyone has their favorite spot to get work done, but regardless, a change up can be really helpful. You'll be surprised how much more inspired you may feel if you simply change up the scenery. Move furniture around your place or go to the local coffee shop. New sounds, new sights to see, new people - those alone will get your creativity going. Give it a try.

4. Call a loved one.

It’s easy to get stuck in your head and not know what to do next. Call a loved one and let them know how you feel. I’m sure their words of comfort will be helpful and it's always nice to verbally express how you feel. Everyone feels uninspired at some point - it's important to realize you're not alone.

5. Take time off.

Although it seems like taking time off may make it worse, it won't. After starting my job, I constantly felt so tired and forgot to write when I got home, or just do things that I had more time for before, like working out. Once I took a break from writing without being so hard on myself, I suddenly missed it a lot more than before and am excited to be getting back into it now.

6. Figure out a balance.

You're busy and don’t think you have the time? Well, you do. It may not be easy, and trust me, it won't - BUT if you really love it, then you can and will make it work. Maybe it's harder for you to set time to be creative during the week, so choose a few hours during the weekend instead. If you feel good after a long day or early in the morning before your day starts, schedule a time then. Everyone’s different and it’s up to you to find your balance. And like I said before, if you need a break, take it.

7. Ask yourself why you started in the first place.

There are times when I overwhelmed and uninspired, but then I remember why I started. The overall picture means so much more to me - I love inspiring and connecting with others, and I have more reasons for doing what I love. If anything, you may re-evaluate and realize that you don't enjoy what you thought you did before. That's okay. At least you took the time to realize that and can focus on what is important to you.

8. Consume something inspiring.

Listen to music or a podcast, watch a video, read a book. I love listening to podcasts on my long commute - it's amazing how much more inspired I feel when I hear others share their ideas and thoughts. I also love watching TED talks and anything that gets me thinking. Music never fails to inspire me, as well. Those 10 minutes of listening or reading may get you out of the rut you've been feeling.

9. Treat yo'self.

Maybe you feel stuck because you've been sitting at your desk thinking of what to write for the last hour or you've been staring at your camera without knowing what to do next. Sometimes you just need to take a break, like I said, and just treat yourself. Whether that's getting that mani/pedi you've been wanting, seeing that new movie - you deserve to have fun and let go of any stresses.

10. Empower yourself.

We all have "that thing" that makes us feel more confident and in control of our lives - a badass playlist, a nice workout, a long walk with your dog, a POWER POSE. Feeling uninspired does not always strive from low confidence, but having more confidence definitely puts us in a better mood and gets the creative ideas flowing. Lastly: don't pressure yourself - you got this!

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